Maintenance of your Everdure product

It is important to maintain your Everdure. Therefore a number of tips.

  • Clean your Everdure after use. It sounds simple but it has to be said. However, be careful with water or soap near the electrical elements. On our video or YouTube page you will find tips on how to loosen certain elements for maintenance, for example. However, this is always at your own risk and may affect the warranty if used incorrectly.
  • You can keep grilles neat again with a wire brush or scouring sponge. Tip: After BBQing, stoke the fire well and clean the grates. This way you can easily remove any residue afterwards.
  • Maintain the hinge pieces once a year with a little penetrating oil to keep everything running smoothly.
  • Place your Everdure indoors in the winter. Everdure comes from Australia and the climate there is slightly different than in the Netherlands and Belgium. Although the quality is excellent, we recommend placing your Everdure product indoors in winter. The reason is that there is often a piece of electronics in it.
  • For example, if you leave your Everdure 4K or Everdure HUB outside in the winter with the cover on, condensation may form between the device and the cover due to rain or freezing cold and subsequent warm temperatures. This can cause the metal to function.

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