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Everdure 4K

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Everdure 4K Graphite
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    Everdure 4K Orange
    Normale prijs €2.999,00 EUR €2.245,00 EUR
      Everdure 4K Red
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        Everdure 4K Mint Blue
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          Everdure 4K White
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            Everdure 4K Matte Black
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              Everdure 4K Accessory Set
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                Everdure 4K Protective Case
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                  Everdure 4K

                  What is Everdure?

                  British 3-star chef Heston Blumenthal has released several innovative barbecues with his brand Everdure. Heston has used all his experience to design what some call 'Michelin-worthy' barbecues. With these barbecues from Everdure it becomes possible for everyone to achieve phenomenal cooking performance while grilling in the open air.

                  The Everdure collection consists of the Everdure 4K , the Everdure Cube , the Everdure Fusion , the Everdure Hub 1 and the Everdure Hub 2 , the Everdure Force , the Everdure Furnace , the Everdure Prep Kitchen (also called the Everdure Prep Table), Everdure knives and various Everdure accessories .

                  What is an Everdure 4K?

                  The Everdure 4K charcoal barbecue combines the ancient tradition of cooking in a kamado with the latest technology. Just like a traditional kamado, the air steams through the thick-walled housing of the grill and can only escape through the air shaft in the lid.

                  Everything about the Everdure 4K BBQ can be adjusted from outside the oven using an app and the physical controls, so that the flavor remains within the oven and the preparation process is not interrupted.

                  For example, the 4K can be started via a self-start, it is possible to cook on multiple levels, and you can read the exact temperature via the touchscreen on the front of the oven. In addition, you can download the free Everdure 4K app, which allows you to easily view all your cooking data and receive alerts, recipes and tips!

                  What are the advantages of an Everdure 4K?

                  This ultra-modern kamado has several advantages.

                  • You get a 10-year warranty on the outside and a 2-year warranty on all other components.
                  • All essential hardware is included , such as a protective cover and pizza stone.
                  • You can download a free app for your smartphone that gives you tips, recipes and dates of your cooking sessions.
                  • Unparalleled air circulation that ensures perfect ignition or delay of the heat.
                  • The front has a modern touchscreen display.

                  Which Everdure 4K colors are there?

                  The Everdure 4K BBQ is available in 6 contemporary colors:

                  Videos about the Everdure 4K

                  Would you like to see Everdure 4K in action ? Then take a look at our YouTube channel . Here you will find countless videos, such as our Everything about the Everdure 4K video ! In addition, we periodically add new videos to our channel, including an Everdure 4K review and Everdure Cube review.

                  How can I buy an Everdure 4K?

                  Are you also madly in love with this Everdure barbecue and would you like to buy an Everdure 4K? Then you have come to the right place at Everdure Store. We are the official Dutch store of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal.

                  We handle all possible warranty claims, provide personal service and offer free delivery from 50 euros. You can also pay for your order securely via iDeal, credit card and various other payment options.

                  Would you like to know more about Everdure? Then take a look at our About Everdure page.

                  Questions about the Everdure 4K? Everdure is ready for you

                  Everdure Store is the official Dutch online store of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. Do you have questions about the Everdure 4K or the rest of our collection? Please call us on +3122 223 44 44 , email us at info@everdurestore.com or contact us in another way. Everdure is ready for you!

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