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Everdure Furnace

Everdure Furnace

What is Everdure?

British 3-star chef Heston Blumenthal has released several innovative barbecues with his brand Everdure. Heston has used all his experience to design what some call 'Michelin-worthy' barbecues. With these barbecues from Everdure it becomes possible for everyone to achieve phenomenal cooking performance while grilling in the open air.

The Everdure collection consists of the Everdure 4K , the Everdure Cube , the Everdure Fusion , the Everdure Hub 1 and the Everdure Hub 2 , the Everdure Force , the Everdure Furnace , the Everdure Prep Kitchen (also called the Everdure Prep Table), Everdure knives and various Everdure accessories .

What is an Everdure Furnace?

The Furnace from Everdure is the ultimate gas barbecue and the perfect combination of power and elegance. From sausages and roasts to delicate scallops, the Furnace has the power and versatility to handle it all.

Thanks to the height and thickness of the hood, the Furnace is ideal for grilling. The heat circulates 360 degrees inside, causing food to be cooked and better absorb delicious flavors. The versatility of this Australian powerhouse is further enhanced by, among other things, the 3 independently adjustable gas burners, the detachable base and the interchangeable cast iron flat plates and grill plates.

What are the benefits of an Everdure Furnace?

This Everdure Furnace 3 burner BBQ has several advantages.

  • Ready to use within 5 minutes .
  • Made of aluminum, so the Furnace does not rust .
  • Three powerful gas burners that can be controlled individually.
  • The round corners and enamelled iron plates make the Furnace easy to clean .
  • Thermometer on the front.
  • 2 year warranty.

Which Everdure Furnace colors are there?

The Everdure Furnace barbecue is available in 4 contemporary colours:

Videos about the Everdure Furnace

Do you want Everdure Furnace Want to see it in action? Then take a look at us YouTube channel . Here you will find numerous videos about our collection. In addition, we periodically add new videos to our channel, including an Everdure Furnace BBQ review and a video about Everdure Furnace cleaning.

How can I buy an Everdure Furnace ?

Are you also madly in love with this Everdure barbecue and would you like an Everdure Furnace barbecue? to buy? Then you have come to the right place at Everdure Store. We are the official Dutch store of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal.

We handle all possible warranty claims, provide personal service and offer free delivery from 50 euros. You can also pay for your order securely via iDeal, credit card and various other payment options.

In addition to the Everdure Furnace, we also offer various Everdure Furnace accessories, such as the Everdure Furnace cover .

Would you like to know more about Everdure? Then take a look at our About Everdure page.

Questions about the Everdure Furnace? Everdure is ready for you

Everdure Store is the official Dutch online store of Everdure by Heston Blumenthal. Do you have questions about the Everdure Furnace or the rest of our collection? Please call us on +3122 223 44 44 , email us at info@everdurestore.com or contact us in another way. Everdure is ready for you!

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