The MeatStick - yellow

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About this product

The perfect kitchen helper.

Never again too raw or overcooked meat. Thanks to the Meatstick you always stay informed of the correct core temperature of your beef, pork, chicken, fish, lamb, etc.

Thanks to the free Meatstick app, you can prepare your product to perfection perfect cooking . The Meatstick is available in 2 different sizes, the standard size is perfect for larger pieces of barbecue meat (approximately 13.5 cm x 6 mm thick). The mini is for small pieces of meat or fish.

The stainless steel probe is suitable for food and, together with the heat-resistant ceramic handle, ideal for use with the barbecue, oven, fryer, sous vide and even is dishwasher safe etc. The Meatstick is up to 300C heat resistant.

You can read all the information on the app, the distance outdoors is 10 meters, in a closed environment such as an oven only 2 meters. We recommend the MeatStick or the Wifi Bridge to your reach unlimited to increase.

If the product comes close to your set core temperature, you will receive a signal, so the app indicates when the product is almost ready, needs to be taken off to rest and has reached the set temperature.

The Meatstick has a battery life of 24 hours, Charging is done through the holder and is powered by 2 AA batteries. The holder has 2 magnets so that you can always easily access your Meatstick.

Made for every chef.

Using The Meatstick you get your ideal chef's buddy. Due to the versatility of the app, you can no longer go wrong with the perfect cooking of your product. For example, the app has set temperatures. Of course you can also determine your own core temperature.


The Meatstick was designed in California and has several advantages.

Wireless working on Bluetooth or WiFi.

Bluetooth distance up to 10 meters with Extender 80 meters and unlimited via WiFi .

Heat resistant up to 300C .

Battery life of 24 hours .

Dishwasher safe.

Suitable for sous vide.

Suitable for frying.

WiFi ready.

You can manage 8 sticks at the same time with the app. Each stick has a separate color coding.

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Technical description


The Meat Stick


The Meat Stick


1 Meat stick


ME 644024

With Bluetooth extender


With WiFi extender


To colour

Stainless steel and black ceramic

Distance The MeatStick without WiFi / Bluetooth extander

Up to 10 meters in open environment / up to 2 meters in closed environment

Remote The MeatStick X with Bluetooth extander, without WiFi

Up to 80 meters

Distance The MeatStick with WiFi


Heat resistant up to


Number of sensors

Meatstick 2 – mini Meatstick 1

Battery life

Meatstick 24 hours – mini Meatstick 8 hours

Rechargeable via

Holder with batteries

Food safe


Dishwasher safe


Sous vide available


Oven suitable





2 years

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    The MeatStick - yellow

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